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Building a New Home A-Z Guide

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Where to build?

You Will Need a Proper Balance Between the Style and Plan of Your House and the Lot You Choose to Build It On.

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Land is expensive and finding a desirable lot to suit your budget is important, but it is as equally important to envision the house you want being built on that lot. The arrangement of the space, the locations of windows and entry doors, where the driveway will be and so many other design considerations must all be taken into account when planning to build a new home. One thing to remember, it is most often easier and less expensive to plan the home around the lot, rather than find a lot that is suitable to a specific design.

Which Professionals Will You Choose to Build Your Home?

Most people have never built a home before and they will need a full complement of professionals to help them build their dream. An experienced and knowledgeable architect or home builder is paramount to the process. Many times they are the ones who, after designing a home, will hire or advise as to who the contractor, excavator and other teams should be. One distinct advantage to having your home built this way is that the designer will control the construction and be working with others who not only know what to do, but have all worked together before

If your architect is not someone who is involved in the construction then you will need to find a General Contractor who can build your home and coordinate the sub-contractors that will be performing the work. Either way, having a group of professionals who have all worked together and understand how to get through the process as quickly and efficiently as possible will help you to stay on schedule and on budget.

Is an Architect Necessary? Can You Safely Conserve Your Budget By Not Hiring an Architect?

An architect will be needed if you wish to build a home that conforms to your particular tastes and demands. One that will incorporate special features and possibly is being built on an unconventional lot. However, if your dream house is a more traditional one and you plan on building it in a traditional type of location there are alternatives that can save you money.

An Off the Shelf Building Plan

There are many companies now that offer stock plans for homes. They come in all styles and sizes and to suit many budgets. The Internet is one place that these can be found, and many architects have them too.

Pros: Fast, easy, efficient and costs a lot less than a set of custom drawn plans.

Cons: If there are any features that you wish to alter on a stock building plan you may still need the services of an architect. Not only to get the work done, but to have it certified to you local building standards. Stock plans are many times not drawn with the intended location in mind. The locality of you building lot, the seasonal weather and overall climate, plus many other design factors will come into play before you can be assured that a stock plan suits your needs and not just your budget. 

The Benefit of Hiring a Production Home Builder

There are contractors that build developments which have an array of home styles to choose form. These production builders can offer you plans that are easily modified in regard to many of the features and which can be built on a very reasonable budget because they are familiar with the process and build them all the time.

Pros: Builders can work rapidly and cost-effectively when they use familiar, conventional plans. These homes will also already be suited to your locality as the builder has built many of them before.

Cons: The house they will build will be similar in appearance and design to most of the homes in your neighborhood or development. Although you will be allowed certain options, many of the variables that you may want will cost extra and may blow your budget out. Understand that the benefits you gain from buying a home like this can evaporate quickly if you want to make a lot of changes.

Use a Certified Professional Building Designer

A Certified Professional Building Designer or Home Designer can be a good way to design you own home and not pay the same high costs that an architect charges. These professionals are licensed and they only design homes, not all the structures that an architect is required to know about.

Pros: a good Home Designer can design a custom home for you and save you the high cost of an architect. They have a lot of experience too because this is the only kind of building they work on. Their familiarity with only building homes can be a big plus and they are able to give you many ideas that can afford you the home that you want.

Cons: As long as you stick to the traditional building techniques and not require special structural designs and concepts to be used a Home Designer is good, if you are looking for something that is more unique then you will need to hire an architect.

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